Custom Wood Work and Design

The request was to remove the “awful sea foam green” wall finish and coat it with something that fit the aesthetic of the loft apartment. This involved carefully stripping the paint and lightly scraping to avoid losing the original wood texture. It took several days to complete this process but the result was marvelous. The new wall compliments the new lighting fixtures and lightened up the whole apartment.

Paint Services

Our paint team sanded down the walls and removed several blemishes from the interior walls of the apartment. We then applied several coats of paint in a matte finish. This created a vibrant color throughout the apartment while creating a very nice contrast with the wall finish.

Tiling Services

Our client wanted to remove their existing backsplash (a solid stainless steel panel) and replace it with a mosaic tile. The installation of the new tile was fairly easy as the walls were in great condition and we have a team of true tile experts. The tough part was getting the existing backsplash out, it had been glued to the wall and was partially covered by the kitchen cabinets.