As a leading Manhattan Real Estate agent, our founder understood the frustrations that many homeowners face while attempting to renovate their homes. Oftentimes when you renovate, the consumer is the one who hires and coordinates the plumber, electrician, designer and so forth. We always thought there was a better way, and a simpler way, for the consumer to go through this unknown process. Her goal was to simplify the renovation process while enhancing communication and transparency with the consumer. She saw that her real estate clients were not receiving the adequate education they needed in order to make informed decisions. This ultimately lead to costly mistakes or inflated budgets. Her goal was to ensure that clients had a road map to navigate the renovation journey and were capable of making informed decisions along the way.

Real Renovation and Design, or as we call it today, Real Renos, was started in the fall of 2017. From day one, we believed our core goal to be transparency and client partnership. We wanted to educate our clients, on not only the renovation process, but where and why certain items were needed. We believe all decisions should be made in the best interest of the clients.

Today, just a few years later, we continue to fine-tune our system of operations and continue to invest in new technology to better serve our clients and team members. Our approach is the main reason why year after year, our business continues to grow and flourish in a highly competitive field.


Comprehensive Consultations
Our in-home consultations are designed to help you see what is possible in your home. We also strive to uncover any items that may be problematic while renovating. This way we can avoid as many change orders as possible. Knowing the issues upfront keeps the project from falling behind and your budgeting in check.

Material Selections
Our team will assist you in finding and choosing the right fixtures and finishes for your new home. We believe that budget is important, we help you set a materials budget and only show you items that will work within your budget.

Project Management Application
Real Renos has a project management app that allows our consumers to check in on the progress by viewing photos and video updates, request additional work, and pay weekly invoices directly through your smart phone.

“Absolutely love this team. Their customer service and quality is unparalleled. I was selling an apartment that needed renovations and Real Renos put together a free Renovations Proposal packet that I could give to prospective buyers. It made a huge difference because the detailed renderings and estimates helped buyers imagine the apartment’s potential in ways my words alone could not do.”
Justin M. , Upper East Side – Manhattan

“Real Renovations was able to have my project, a full gut renovation of a unit, done within 30 days. I was pleased with their communication and dedication to the project. They were willing to jump in on the last few days to help the crew out so that we could finish the project on my timeline.”

Marc H. , Upper West Side


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